Reset DD – OLD


Step 1

SORT all puzzle pieces by color combination.  The color combination is on the back of the puzzle.  Blue/Pink, Red/Pink, and Red/Black are the three puzzles.


Ensure that no pieces are missing from the Red/Black puzzle, and then break it apart and put it on the table immediately inside the room.  Some pieces are intentionally taped together.  

Step 2

                                                                                             DICTIONARY SAFE

The password for the Dictionary is 187.  Put the following items inside:

Two large pieces of the Pink and Red Puzzle:

1)Says “are”

2)Says, “Every story”

Two large pieces of Blue and Pink Puzzle:

1)Says, “There”

 2)Says, “More to see”

1 Owl keys

1 Sea horse keys

3 Crown keys

Place Dictionary Safe on the Game Table under The Terrible Truth About Lawyers book.

The Game Table will have the following items:

Big Dictionary (with a 4 of Spade card)

2 books


Dictionary Safe

The Terrible Truth About Lawyers book

Step 3

                                                                                            SMALL BLACK BOX

Small black box – metal box approximately 8″ x 5″ x 2″.  Put the following items in the box: 2 Crown keys, Parts from the pink and red puzzle that spell “there” Goes in Ammo Box A3.

Step 4


The combination to the large safe is either 23152A or 23152B.  Either one works.  At this point, you should have several pink and red puzzle pieces remaining.  These go in the safe.

Step 5

                                                                                               CLEAR BOX E17

You should have several blue and pink puzzle pieces remaining.  These go in the clear box.  The box is secured with Lock 1   2-20-26 and Lock 2   31-36-5.  Place in cabinet 2 in the middle

Step 6

                                                     Place the Following on the table immediately inside the room:

Leonardo da Vinic Cryptex

This is a brass tube with letters on it.  The password is Caught.  Put the following inside: the pink letter that says, “You win!” and a key with a circle on top.  Put this next to the Red/Black puzzle on the table immediately inside the room.


Put a blank Sudoku on the table immediately inside the room.


Ensure enough ear and eye protection is on the table immediately inside the room.  Throw away any used ear protection.


The wooden book puzzle can be opened by tapping on the corner that is colored brown.  Someone may have to show you.  Inside is a note that begins, “Careful not to be a vandal…”  Put the puzzle on the table immediately inside the room.


Put this note on the table immediately inside the room.


Step 7

                                                                                             SLIM PUZZLE BOX

Slim puzzle box – wooden box approximately 2″ x 2″ x 6″.  Someone will have to show you how to open it if you don’t know how.  Put the note inside and close the box.  The note says, “Will I be catched by you?”

                                                                                                      GUN BOX 

Gun box – metal box approximately 12″ x 9″ x 2″.  It is box B36, but the designation may be difficult to read.  Put the following items in the box: slim puzzle box, small UV flashlight (approximately 4″ long), small UV flashlights, note.  The note says, “The cat has a hat. The number of keys with a crown. The number of keys with an animal head. The number of keys with a heart.”

Lock the gun box.  Save the key for later.  Put the gun box in the wooden desk drawer. The key goes in Ammo Box A3.

Step 8

                                                                                                 AMMO BOX A3

Ammo box A3 opens with a tiny lock.  Put the following items in A3: Small Black Box, key to gun box, Cypher key (a page that converts symbols to letters).

Step 9

                                                                      DOOR LOCK HANGING ON THE DOOR

The Door Lock Password is 1368.  Put the following in the lock: 5 heart Keys, Key to box A3

Step 10

                                                                                                 PEANUT CANS

There are six fake peanut cans, each with a number.  Ensure each contains a spring snake, except the one with the number 3.  In Can 3 is a note: “It’s not safe driving…”  The note is a clue for the safe. Place in Ammo Box B6


Ammo Box B6 opens with the five-letter lock.  Password (DEATH).  Put the following items in B6: 6 Peanut cans. Place Ammo Box B6 in 1st leftmost cabinet.

Step 11

                                                                                                 AMMO BOX W7

Ammo box W7 opens with the four-letter lock. Password LOOT. Put the following items in W7:  1 wing key, 2 crown keys, the key to the small black box, Yellow note: Two Truths One Lie: You should open the box marked XXX next.  Prime nuts are the only good nuts.  Count each key to be free. Put Ammo Box W7 on the floor on the North wall beside the outlet.

Step 12

                                                                                             BLACK KEYHOLDER

The black key holder is a small push-button metal box with a rubber cover.  The password is 1538.  It only contains the final Cypher, a thin sheet of paper with six symbols on it. Put in 3rd cabinet on the right.

Step 13

                                                    The following go on top of the cabinets under the windows:


The end of the brush opens.  Put 1 Heart key and the note “Maybe I’m not competent to stand trial…” inside the handle.  The brush goes by the window with the cat bottle, canned goods, etc.  It is a marked safe area.

                                                                                                    CAT BOTTLE

Cat Bottle combination is 726.  The only thing in it is a note that says, “Death is Near.”  Put the cat

                                                                                                        XXX BOX

Arm a grenade.  Someone will probably have to show you how to arm the grenade. Put it on the lid of the box.  Close the box.  Slide it as close as you can to the edge of the shelf under the window on the right.

                                                                                             CHEF BOYARDEE CAN

Put a Code Sections sheet in the can.  Place the can near the middle of the shelf with the yellow car, soap, etc.   Put a trap under the can.  Put a can of beans on top of the Chef Boyardee Can.


Arm a tube of lipstick.  Put it near the wine bottle on the far right of the shelf.

Step 14

                                                                                            TREASURE CHEST

The treasure chest is a wooden puzzle box approximately 6″ x 4″ x 4″.  It is polished and has brass inlay.  It is not needed to finish the room.  Someone may have to show you how to open the box.  Generally, it is only a matter of moving the pin on the right side of the box to a different hole and then sliding out the lower section of the chest.  Inside the main compartment of the chest is a note that says, “This is not the end.”  Inside the hidden area of the chest is a note that says, “But you are close.” Place in Ammo Box V12

                                                                                                 AMMO BOX V12

Ammo box V12 opens with a five-letter lock.  Password: WRATH.  Put the following inside V12: Sudoku Answer Sheet, Treasure Chest. Place in 4th cabinet rightmost


Step 15

                                                                                            AMMO BOX  F12

F12 opens with Password 12367.  The only thing in it is a note taped to the box and begins, “You may think you have me!!!” Place in 3rd cabinet in the middle

Step 16

                                                                                                  AMMO BOX X13

This is a decoy box.  It has nothing inside of it. Place on the floor next to Ammo Box W7. Arm Ammo Box x13 with a trap under it and a 4 of Spades on top.


Step 17

Coke can with a 4 of Spade card on top and pen underneath go behind the door.

Step 18


Arm a pen trap.  Put it on a pile of paper on the wooden desk.

Step 19


A wooden chair is in the corner immediately to the left and by the game table.  Arm a trap and put it under the leg of the chair.  Throw a wadded-up Code Sections sheet under the chair.


Prop the plastic and metal chair against the wall immediately to the left.  Put a trap between the chair and the wall.

Step 20

            4 of Spades designates safe locations.  Make sure the 4 of Spades are on the  following items:

Behind the door on the Coke can

On the table immediately inside the room.

Sticking out of the big Dictionary 

On each cupboard door

On the stack of items that includes the Cat and Brush.

On the Heavy Safe

On the W7 Box

On the drawer of the wooden desk


Step 21

Last, make sure all traps are set and place 4 poppers anywhere on the floor.