Armor of God Bible Adventure

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Our Armor of God Bible Based adventure is up and running.  Most groups finish this adventure in one to one and a half hours, but scroll to the bottom for the current record-holders.

In this adventure, you will solve riddles to open locks to find tokens representing the full Armor of God.  It is best to play using a bible with concordance.  Here is your first clue.

      • Go to a room with these numbers as its digits:
        • The number of days Jonah was in the belly of the fish.
        • The number of days of creating.
        • The number of the body, spirit, Lord, faith, baptism.

Too easy?  It gets MUCH harder.

At the end of the adventure, you will be given a basic bag for the unhoused.  Add a bit of food, a few sodas, or other items to help make someone’s life easier, and then give the bag to someone in need.  Below is a sample of one of our bags designed for women.  If you have bulk items to add bags, drop the items off at the escape room.

These exceptional ladies from Grace Baptist Church only missed the record time by two minutes.  Time: 30 minutes.  The previous second-place holder had a time of 42 minutes, so 30 minutes is no small feat.

These fine gentlemen absolutely CRUSHED the prior record by finishing the adventure in 28 minutes with NO HINTS!  Congratulations to Amos, Sung, Jim, and Daniel.