Detective Dirk Deranged

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There has been a crime spree in Bakersfield, but the police department appears to completely ignore it. You and your friends suspect that the matter is being ignored because a police officer is a major suspect, so you decide to snoop around.  You learn that Police Detective Dirk Deranged rents a private office near the police station, which strikes you as being odd.  Why would Detective Dirk Deranged need to rent his own private office?  You drop into his office and find Detective Dirk Deranged, who directs you to a private room, “step in and read the note on the table.  I will be with you shortly.”  You step into the room, and he shuts the door behind you.  You hear the door lock.

  • Difficulty Level: 9/10
  • Current One Hour Failure Rate: 97%
  • Current Two Hour Failure Rate: 71%
  • Group Size: 4 – 6

Daring groups can attempt to solve the room in the one-hour time allotment.  If time slots are available, the group may reserve up to two hours to complete the room.


Some items are boobytrapped.  Boobytraps will cause a small explosion or a projectile to fire. 


  1. Wear eye protection. You don’t want a Nerf dart to the eye.
  2. Wear hearing protection. The explosions can be loud.
  3. If an explosion occurs, the group suffers a ten-minute time penalty.
  4. If a projectile or projectiles are fired, the group suffers a five-minute time penalty for each person struck.
  5. You may use the search engine on your phone, call a friend, or use the Alexa device to get help with clues.  Code section clues refer to California statutes.
  6. Don’t mess with anything electrical. It is not part of the game.  You may adjust lights, heaters, and air conditioning for your comfort, but there are no clues in or on these items or electrical sockets.
  7. Nothing is hidden behind ceiling tiles, and you don’t need to stand on anything to find or retrieve clues.
  8. Don’t use brute strength to open anything. If it is meant to open, it should open with minimal force.  This includes cabinet doors.  If the door is meant to open, it will open with ease.  Green ammo box style containers should not be shaken, turned upside down, or handled carelessly.
  9. Don’t “pick” locks. Some locks can be solved by trial-and-error but this will ruin your game.
  10. Wooden box puzzles contain optional bonus clues but are not needed to finish the room.
  11. Through the miracle of necessity, you can open the “locked” door to temporarily leave the game for a potty break. To reach the restrooms, go right and take the first hallway to your left.  The first two doors are restrooms.