Musical Misadventure

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You arrive early for your first violin lesson with Music Instructor Maestro Mike Musicus.  The door is open, so you let yourself in only to find that you are trapped.  Get out without breaking anything before the instructor returns.  As you find musical and other clues, you notice that an Alexa device sits on the desk.  Perhaps you can use it to play music as you work through the room?

Difficulty Level: 4/10

Current Failure Rate: 39%

Group Size: 4 – 6


  1. You may use the search engine on your phone, call a friend, or use the Alexa device to get help with clues.
  2. Don’t mess with anything electrical. It is not part of the game.  You may adjust lights, heaters, and air conditioning for your comfort, but there are no clues in or on these items or electrical sockets.
  3. Nothing is hidden behind ceiling tiles, and you don’t need to stand on anything to find or retrieve clues.
  4. Do not take the instruments apart.  There is nothing inside them.  Some are old, so please be gentle.
  5. Don’t use brute strength to open anything. If it is meant to open, it should open with minimal force.  This includes cabinet doors.  If the door is meant to open, it will open with ease.  Green ammo box-style containers should not be shaken, turned upside down, or handled carelessly.
  6. Don’t “pick” locks. Some locks can be solved by trial and error, but this will ruin your game.
  7. Through the miracle of necessity, you can open the “locked” door to temporarily leave the game for a potty break. To reach the restrooms, go right and take the first hallway to your left.  The first two doors are restrooms.