Oligarch’s Office

Oligarch’s Office

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NOTE:  This adventure takes place inside TinyBusinessGroup.com.  Tiny Business Group offers shared office spaces, mail services, attorney support services, shared receptionist, and related services.  The receptionist DOES NOT KNOW we are running an escape room out of their office.  She thinks you are just waiting for an appointment.  We are trying to see how long we can keep the secret.



An American politician took nuclear launch codes with him when he left office and sold them to an oligarch, Mikhail Petrov.  Mikhail has now stolen the nukes and is offering the nukes and codes to the highest bidder.

Our team is standing by to seize the nukes, but your team must first disable them. Posing as reporters preparing to interview Mikhail, you secure an appointment in his office. We drugged his vodka, so he should be napping for at least an hour.

Search his office, find the codes, and disable the nukes. Do not disturb anything because if Mikhail figures out what you have done, he can simply change the codes before we get the nukes back.


This is a new room, so we do not yet have statistics.  We, therefore, offer the following estimates:
  • Difficulty Level: 7/10
  • One Hour Failure Rate: 70%
  • Current Two Hour Failure Rate: 50%
  • Group Size: 4 – 12

Daring groups can attempt to solve the room in the one-hour time allotment.  If time slots are available, the group may reserve up to two hours to complete the room, or you can just keep trying if no one is booked immediately after your booking.


  1. This is a real office used by others for client meetings.  The receptionist does not know we are using it for the game.  Therefore, leave everything as you find it.  Do not write on anything.  Be gentle with the props.
  2. You may use your phone or call a friend.
  3. Do not use the computer.  It is a real computer in a real office.  It contains no clues.
  4. You may adjust lights, heaters, and air conditioning for comfort, but there are no clues in or on these items or electrical sockets.
  5. Nothing is hidden behind ceiling tiles, and you don’t need to stand on anything to find or retrieve clues.
  6. Don’t use brute strength to open anything. If it is meant to open, it should open with minimal force.
  7. You are not locked in.  You may come and go as you like, but the receptionist may become suspicious. To reach the restrooms, go right and take the first hallway to your left.  The first two doors are restrooms.