Reset and Clue giving Notes for DD – OLD

Step Zero

‘4♠️ Puzzle’


Ensure that no pieces are missing from the Red/Black puzzle, and then break it apart and put it on the table immediately inside the room.  Some pieces are intentionally taped together.                                                        This Puzzle tells customers that everything marked with the ‘4♠️’ is Safe and won’t Explode on or at them.

Step One

The Introduction of the literally what’s going on!                                        “It appears that you have come to kill me…”and, “…Door is now locked and trapped… The explosion will evaporate everyone in the group!”

Basically The psychotic detective is telling you that he’s trapped you, your dead body or bodies will be his alibi and that if you open the door before finding his spare key all the bombs in the room will detonate and it will kill.

On the Paper are two clues leading to the same thing,                        “There are many books you could read, but each is a remix of this book. It truly has everything that could be said, except that which is proper. Careful not to choose a Version that is too thick…” And, “I may be charged with MURDER, but do you know the PENAL CODE for my crime?”                               Basically the ‘Book’ is the Dictionary safe, and the code to it is the penal code for murder which is 187.

Step Two


The following Clue and items are inside:

Seven Crown Keys 🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑&                            “It’s not SAFE to be DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE. There should be a CODE SECTION for that.”.                          Place Dictionary Safe on the Game Table.                          The Game Table will have the following items: The Big Dictionary (with a Bomb ready to detonate on it), 5 books,Grenade, and the Dictionary Safe.

((The code Section for DUI is VC23252B) 23152B is the code which opens the stalwart big black safe.)

BIG DICTIONARY 📚.                               Arm a bomb either on top or underneath the big dictionary.

GRENADE #1 on the far right cabinet box💣                                            Load grenade with six foam balls, hopefully someone will drop the box.                                              GRENADE #2 on the game table 💣 Load grenade with six foam yellow bouncy balls. Then to be extra devious stick a bomb underneath that bomb, you can never go wrong with double tap.


The combination to the large safe is 23152B.  Inside the big safe is the Sudoku letter sheet, the blank Sudoku, and a crumbled note curled around the ‘Sea-Horse-Head-Key’                                             On the Note it Says, “Where is a safe place? Where can you go? Where would you hide a bomb? Where is the Boom?”                                              In invisible ink on the crumbled note is the code: 12367

AMMO BOX B6.                              Ammo Box B6 opens with the five-number lock. Code (12367). The following clue taped in paper is in box B6:

The cat has a hat 😺🎩. The number of keys with a crown👑. The number of keys with an Animal head 🐎🌊. The number of keys with a heart❤️.

Place Ammo Box B6 in 1st leftmost cabinet.


The box is secured with a pair of purple master locks, you find out the codes to both of the locks when you solve the Sudoku in the big stalwart black safe.

Lock 1   2-20-26                                  Lock 2   31-36-5.                                      Place in left-most cabinet..                  Inside Ammo Box Z67 is the following is another box made of cardboard holding, 2 blacklight flashlights, and six heart keys.


Code to open small purple three digit lock is 716. The note inside says, “Death is Near.” Put the cat box next to the candle stick. 🕯️


(There is a small black three digit lock on this ammo box.                   The clue to opening the box is the battery on top of the box with the help of the penal code section.          (specifically Sexual assault and Battery 🔋)                                     Sexual battery (PC243.4) or lock opening code 243

Inside Ammo box F12 is the following clue.                                          “You may think you have me, but I have a secret. Your search is illegal! I will use a motion to suppress Evidence.                                      Nothing you find will be used against me.                                           The code to suppress may lead to your escape.”(Suppression(EC 1538.5)Code 1538)


The black key holder is a small push-button metal box with a rubber cover.  The password is 1538.  It only contains the Silver key to the small black Box. Put it behind the door.

SMALL BLACK BOX                      Small black box – metal box approximately 8″ x 5″ x 2″.         The following is written in invisible the box, “NO”


Inside holds three dice and a clue on a yellow ‘post-it’ note written in purple ink.                              “Maybe I’m not competent to stand trial… There must be a code section for that.”                                                                             Not Competent to Stand Trial- ((1368) Is the code for door hanging lock.)

DOOR LOCK HANGING ON THE DOOR.                                                     The Door Lock Password is 1368. Put the following in the lock: Gun Box Key


Gun box – metal box approximately 12″ x 9″ x 2″.                                            It is box B36, but the designation may be difficult to read.                          Put in the following note,     “wasted time”


There are six fake peanut cans inside the locked desks top, each with a number.                            Ensure each contains a spring snake, except the one with the number 3.                                        Inside peanut can #3 is a snake and a blue note card saying,        “Wasted time is wasted life.”

LIPSTICK.                                            Arm a tube of lipstick.  Put it near the Dilbert metal blue can on the far left of the shelf.                                  Hopefully someone sets it off but doesn’t get burned.

YELLOW CAR WITH A FACE👀🚕       Put a bomb beneath the car along with the note that says ‘Boom!’💥

Money money money🤑💰                   Put a bomb underneath the pile of money and pennies, maybe someone will get greedy…


AMMO BOX V12 has no lock on it and contains cipher index, along with the word WRATH written on the bottom of the box in invisible ink.

AMMO BOX W7                            Ammo box W7 opens with a five-letter lock.  Password: WRATH.

This box has the following items and clue in it, Brush, 4 Victor brand mouse traps, Irish springs bar of soap, and a single book  in it called ‘Incarceration Nations’        &                                                                      “Are you taking my things during this national disaster? You may be violating penal code §4631, there’s a name for that.”

The name of Penal Code 4631 is Looting or to Loot which is when you steal during a national disaster.


The end of the brush opens.  Put in the Final Cipher note inside the handle.  The brush goes in box W7.


Wooden Box next to Stalwart black safe opens with the four-letter blue barrel lock. Password LOOT.

Leonardo da Vinic Cryptex

This is a brass tube with letters on it.  The password is Caught.  Put the following inside: the pink letter that says, “You win!” and a key with a circle on top.                         This is inside the big wooden box next to the stalwart safe.

AMMO BOX X13.                               This is a decoy box.  It has nothing inside of it. Place on the floor behind game table legs. Arm Ammo Box x13 with a trap under it.                                                   WOODEN CHAIR                                     A wooden chair is in the corner immediately to the left and by the game table.  Arm a trap and put it under the leg of the chair.  Throw a wadded-up Code Sections sheet under the chair.


Prop the plastic and metal chair against the wall immediately to the left.  Put an armed trap between the chair and the wall

Lastly, make sure all traps are set and place 4-7 poppers anywhere on the floor.