Reset Oligarch’s Office

  1. Put a copy of the sudoku sheet inside the blue vodka bottle.  Use the small ring to keep it from unwrapping.  Put the vodka bottles on the shelf.



Answer to the Sudoku is конан дойл (Conan Doyle)






2. Put note in wooden box and put box in file holder

Китай                                   $23,000,000
Украина                               $32,000,000
Хамаc                                    $34,000,000
Хранители клятвы          $67,000,000
Иран                                      $92,000,000
Северная Корея                $93,500,000
Талибан                               $95,000,000
Гордые мальчики            $97,500,000



3.  Put the men cypher code into the clock.







The code allows players to decode cypher from page 147 –  4137, which opens the safe with the wallet.

4. Put the final code sheet into the heavy suitcase and lock it.  Put the case under the desk.






The words are:

  • Launch
  • Disarm – 58931521412
  • Change
  • Self Destruct

They can only win by sending the Disarm code 58931521412 to the number provided to them at the start of the game.  That phone number should be your phone number.

5. Put the key to the final box in the black metal gun case.  Lower the gun case to the fire escape.

6. Put the key to the black metal gun box into the wooden puzzle box and put it on top of the books.






7. Put the magnet with the rope into the toolbox.  Lock the toolbox with the silver lock.  Combination is 1976.

8. Put the money in the wallet, put the wallet in the safe, and put the safe in the bottom right drawer.  The denominations add up to 1976:

          • 1,000
          • 500
          • 200
          • 100
          • 100
          • 50
          • 20
          • 5
          • 1






9. Place the calculator on the table.

10. Place a sudoku books on the desk and the table.

11. Place Putin and Trump pictures on the shelf.