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Reset MM


Room should be torn apart!  Every clue and key will be out or exposed due to the prior group playing. If not, make sure it is so everything is put back correctly and IN ORDER so that it won’t leave you locked out.

1st step: violin case with a bottle

Put the clear bottle in a violin case.  Close the case and put it on the desk.  This is the larger case with the black interior.

2nd step: evanescence

Set aside one of the four sheets of Evanescence sheet music.

Put all other sheet music back in the blue and white boxes, including the three Evanescence music sheets (with the red star).

The fourth evanescence will eventually go into the second violin case one.

3rd step: clear sheets

Place clear sheets #73 and #27 in blue and white boxes, mixed in well.

4th step: middle cabinet

Put folded up note, “Play Dolly Pardon ‘Workin’ ” note Inside a Blue Amazon box and then put the blue Amazon box inside a green box.  Close it all and put it on the BOTTOM shelf directly under AC.  Lock the cabinet.

5th step: card case

Put key to cabinet under AC in the plastic card case inside a katzco box.  Lock the box with two locks:

Black combination lock 2714

Directional lock up, down, down, right

Place  card case on top shelf of far left cabinet.


6th Step:

Take batteries out of three flashlights.  Put flashlights in Box 21.  Use plastic cages to hold down the lights.

Add a note stating, “This little light of mine”  Lock with Red (4) number pad lock ( CODE IS: 1979)

Place batteries in random blue boxes.

Put Box 21 in far left cabinet.

7th Step

Put the note stating “Play Beechwood by the Marvelettes” into a blue amazon box.  Put the amazon box in green box 17.   Fill the box with additional random papers so the players cannot peek.

Lock with silver lock and key.

Put box on bottom shelf of far left cabinet

8th Step

Close the far left cabinet and place the white mushroom magnet key on the ceiling using the pole.

9th Step

Lock scissors with the Japanese magnetic lock. Be sure the lock keeps the scissors from opening.  Place mag lock key in box on the ceiling using black pole (see above).   The next picture shows the location in the room.

10th Step

Put pole and grabber in closet.

11th Step

Put scissors in the blue bank.  Code 5309 opens bank.  Bank should also have note: “Free the turtle.”  The scissors will be used to cut the zip ties on the turtle.  Close the safe and put it on the top book shelf.

12th Step

Put Note: “Good Golly by Little Richard” in the turtle.

Zip tie turtle securely.  One zip is sufficient if it is tight and diagonal.  Place in bottom drawer of desk.

13th Step

Place the key from BOX 17 into a puzzle cube.  Put all three cubes (each with a key) into box 87 .  Add note that says, “open any one.”

Lock with (the 5 lettered BLACK word LOCK ) CODE: MOLLY

Put box 87 in bottom desk drawer.

14th Step

Put final key (the key that opens the exit door) in top drawer along with Congratulations note.  Close the drawer.

15th Step

Wrap both decks of cards with paper.

Place in between the card cage, in between the black tabs.  This is necessary so players don’t simply shake the cards out.

16th Step

Use the electrician lockout tool along with ALL THREE red locks to close the card cage.  Be sure to lock the electrician lockout to the desk.

17th Step

Place key to red lock #1 under the bugle on the small, tall table.

18th Step

Wrap the key to red lock 2 in paper, place in white tube, and place in dictionary.  Dictionary code is 925.

19th Step

Put dictionary behind blue and white boxes.

20th Step

Use small lock to secure key to red lock 3 to the strap closing the cabinet under the AC.

21st Step

Place key to tiny lock in a blue and white box.

22nd Step

Put the final Evanescence music sheet  AND  the strip of numbers into the second violin case.  Lock with the green bike lock (45789).  The lock must pass through the handle two times, and the contents must be in the closed compartments.  Otherwise, the items can be shaken out.

When wrapped around the bottle from the first violin case, the strip spells out 1979.


23rd Step


Put the second key to the Japanese magnet lock into the Jose Cuervo bottle and put it in the bottle puzzle.  The puzzle box is broken, so just wrap it up to make it difficult.  The puzzle and Alexa device should cover the playing cards.

24th Step

Put the second half of the Tommy Tutone note onto the yellow paper (Plastic overlay 19).  Add to clipboard and place behind the door.

Final Step

Make everything look neat.  Put lock guide and instructions on the table along with the room scenario.



Inside the TURTLE: Good GOLLY

  • Behind the Door: Sheet 19
  • Inside the BLUE SAFE: Scissors (locked w/ MAG LOCK)
  • Inside the bottle: 2nd Key to MAG LOCK
  • Inside MAGNETIC KEY BOX; ( goes on ceiling using the pole inside the cabinet)
  • 1st Cabinet: BOX 17 & 21 & Clear card case
  • Bottom Drawer: Turtle & BOX 87
  • Dictionary goes behind MUSIC BOXES
  • Window Seal Magnet= (opens cabinet by kitty lock and Chinese lock )
  • Caged DECKS ( 3 red locks) Locked on to table leg
  • Pllastic Card Case HOLDS  KEY  to = TRAY of CARDS
  • Card Case LOCKED W/Red LOCK & Black LOCK
  • Puzzle boxes= Key to BOX 17
  • Evanescence= 2714

Locks and KEYS:

  • Blue Box: *5309*
  • RED LOCK (BOX 21) *1979
  • RED LOCK: Black light for cabinet code (CODE: up, down, down, right)
  • BOX 87: *MOLLY* (Black 5 letter word)
  • Dictionary PW: 925
  • BLACK LOCK (used with arrow lock on small plastic box) *2714  Code can be found on the EVANSCENE music sheets using the UV flashlight