Haunted Haberfelde

Is The Haberfelde Really Haunted?

This page is being created in anticipation of a new escape room experience in October.  We do NOT believe in ghosts, and we do not believe the building is haunted.  Personally, I was living on the lot when George Haberfelde bought it.  He was kind enough to let me stay, so I have been in the building since the first day it opened, and I have never seen any ghosts.

If you know of a Haberfelde “ghost” story, please, share it with us.  We might post it here.

The Haberfelde Building was constructed in 1927 and is a registered historical site.

The Bakersfield Californian wrote an article that included a reference to an alleged ghost in the Haunted Haberfelde.  The article states, “It is said that two workers died during the building’s construction, and occupants have said they can often hear a man’s scream, followed by a loud crash.”

However, this is not the only story of haunting in the building.  The October 2011 issue of Bakersfield Magazine reported that, “The Haberfelde Building is essentially a hub for paranormal activity.”

The building’s ghosts have also received press coverage in The Runner, which reported “The strange events that occurred during our visit to the Haberfelde Building made Alex and I believe that it was truly a place, a nesting ground, of paranormal activity. ”

The Haberfelde building is named after its original owner, George Haberfelde.  His son, Roland George Haberfelde, died on September 8, 1960, and George Haberfelde died on July 8, 1962.  There were 666 days between their deaths, and it is rumored that the number is no coincidence as George tried to contact Roland in the afterlife but, unable to do so, he chose to pass into the same realm 666 days after his beloved son.  It is rumored that Roland’s ghost now roams the halls of the Haberfelde, looking for his father.