Guild Of Grand Assassins Making Everyone Safer (GOGAMES)

You are an elite member of the Guild of Grand Assassins Making Everyone Safer.

For centuries, the Guild has helped humanity rid itself those the Guild deemed to be a danger to society.  Hannibal (181 BC) Adolf Hitler (1945), Daniël François Malan (1959), Idi Amin Dada Oumee (2003), and Saloth Sâr (1998) are notable examples of those successfully dispatched by the Guild with secrecy, but some, like Tomasso Petto (1905) and Anthony D’Andrea (1921) were dispatched less delicately, so their assassins were excluded from the guild with great prejudice.

The Premier of the Guild has summoned his most skilled assassins with an important announcement.  The Premier explains that you have each been summoned so that he may test your skills to determine who is the best of the best.  The test is a game of skill and wit, and the best will be given a special assignment.


  1. You have been assigned a color.  You will prominently wear a bandana of that color unless you hold a buff card that allows you to hide your bandana.
  2. You are assigned a target.  You will dispatch the person displaying that colored bandana with a special dart to complete your task.
  3. Each dart is color coded.  A target may only be dispatched by shooting the target in the body with the correct dart when no bystanders are present.  If you shoot the target in the head, you are eliminated and must report back to the Office.
  4. When you dispatch your target, you assume their mission and must dispatch their target.  You may also take one item of your choosing from their inventory.  The dispatched target should report to the secretary in the Office.
  5. Report to the Office on the hour, at twenty minutes past the hour, and at forty minutes past the hour.  During these check-ins, all assassins will be present, and the secretary will give updates on any developments in the game.  This is a good time to negotiate and make trades and other deals.
  6. Additional darts, guns, buffs, and debuffs are locked in loot boxes in locations that will be revealed to you.  A box may only be opened when the three cards for that box are present: location card, first code card, and second code card.  When a box is opened, each assassin holding a card (key or location) may remove one item from the box.  The box must be closed and locked for the next group of assassins.  Each assassin may only visit a loot box one time.
  7. You may make the following two types of trades with other assassins:
    • One gun, dart, location card, code card, or buff / debuff card for any other item on the list.
      • Examples: Red gives Green a dart in exchange for a gun.  Purple gives Gold a location card in exchange for a gun repair buff card.  Orange gives Gray a dart in exchange for a code card.  You cannot trade multiple for one, such as three darts for a gun.
    • Bandana and mission card for another bandana and mission card.
      • Example: Mike’s bandana is Red and his target is Blue.  Maria’s bandana is Green and her target is Pink.  The players trade roles, so Maria’s bandana is Red and her target is Blue, and Mike’s bandana is Green and his target is Pink
  8. Assassins are stealthy.  You, therefore, cannot run, yell, or discuss your mission where civilians can hear the discussions.  Your gun should be concealed from the view of civilians.  Do not enter private businesses.  The secretary is considered to be a civilian.
  9. The game is primarily played on the Third Floor, Outside, and in areas near the Chester Avenue stairway.  Do not enter a private business or visit other areas unless specifically directed to do so.
  10. The stairs are safe.  No one may be dispatched while in a stairwell.
  11. If you dispatch the wrong target, you are dispatched instead and must report back to the Office.
  12. If you are shot by a bystander, report back to the Office.  The secretary will take an item from your inventory, and you will return to the game.  Multiple bystanders are waiting to shoot anyone they see who is displaying a gun or using a loot box.
  13. The Office is a legitimate business that conducts property management (Lampkin Properties) and sells insurance (Lyndsy’s Insurance), so there may be people present who do not know you are being tested by the Premier.


This is not a shoot-em-up game.  The average player will shoot a dart less than once per game round.

This is a game of negotiations and secret deals.

Negotiate to collect as much loot as possible (darts, guns, key cards, location cards, and buffs) so you can get the dart matching your target’s bandana color and keep darts matching your bandana color out of circulation.  Also, negotiate to lure your target away from bystanders.

Before opening a loot box, agree on who gets the first, second, and third choice.  If other assassins are near the box, negotiate to give them a location or key card so they can also get loot from the box.