DD Revised


Step 1

Put room key in Di Vinci cipher along with “you win” note.  Combination is CAUGHT.

Step 2

Put Di Vinci cipher in wooden box on the starting table and lock with the blue barrel lock LOOT.

Step 3

Put seven crown locks in the dictionary.  Combination is 187.  Put dictionary on the chess table.

Step 4

Wrap two animal keys in the note and put in safe (23152A).  The note says 12367 in invisible ink.

Step 5

Put a blank sudoku in the safe.  Lock the safe.

Step 6

Put the following in a cardboard box and then put the box in green box Z63 along with the yellow note that says, “two truths and a lie…”:

      • Flashlight x 2
      • Heart Keys x 6

Lock the box with purple locks  2-20-26 and 31-36-5 using the electrician lockout.  Put in left cupboard and close both doors, making sure the safety locks lock.

Step 7

Put note, “The cat has a hat.  The number of keys with a crown.  The number of Keys with an animal head.  The number of keys with a heart.” in box B6.  Secure with black lock 12367.  Put in center cabinet.

Step 8

Put note, “Death is near” inside the cat.  Secure Cat – with lock 726.

Step 9

Put cipher key paper in box v21.  Inside the box in invisible ink is WRATH.  Put box in far right cabinet and make sure the cabinet locks using the child safety lock.

Step 10

Put cipher code answer sheet into brush.  Put brush in box W7.  Lock box W7 with WRATH lock.  Place mousetraps, soap, and lipstick trap on top of brush.  Use book, Incarceration Nation to hold it all together.  Put box in unlocked center cabinet.  Be sure to trap the lipstick.

Step 11

Put 4 of Spades puzzle (broken up) on main table.

Step 12

The following are decoy boxes

  • Lock box F12 (black plastic box with yellow hasps) – Lock the box.  Put on top of tall wooden desk.  Put key in Russian bottle.
  • Lock box X13- set trap.  Put on floor by chess table.
  • Black metal box.  Says “NO” in invisible ink.  Lock and put in chess table.  Put key in realtor box 1538.  Put realtor box behind door.
  • Put “Wasted time” note in gun box.  Put key in realtor door lock 1368.  Put gun box on top of wooden box on main table.

Step 13

Set the following additional traps:

      • Grenade in XXX box.
      • Money Pile
      • Small table
      • big dictionary
      • genade on table with explosive on bottom

Step 14

Put 4 of spades on

        • Main table.
        • Four cupboard doors
        • food pile
        • near exit door

Step 15

Toss three Officer Sheets around the room.

Step 16

Toss four snap caps on the floor.