DD Revised

Dirk Deranged


Step 1: Put The Cypher Sheet in The Dictionary Safe (187)

Put The Note “It’s all backwards in the end” in The Dictionary Safe

(The Note has, In UV marker, a Heart symbol, The letter B, and a Crown Symbol)

Lock Dictionary Safe and place on table.


Step 2: Put The Winged Key in the large lock The Digital Safe (23152#).

Place The Note “Are you sure you are not just wasting time around here?”

(The Note has the letter B in UV marker)


Step 3: Place a The Salt pack & a Triple-A battery on the lid compartment of The Black Plastic Case labeled F12 (203).

Put The Note “you Think you are Clever…” in The Black Plastic Case.

Place The Green 3 Digit Combination Lock on The Black Case labeled F12.

Put The Black Plastic Case on The Wooden Cabinet Desk.


Step 4:  Put The Note “Are you sure you are not just wasting time…” in The Realtor Lock, located on the floor behind the door (1538)

Put the Small UV light in The Realtor Lock.

Place Realtor Lock on top of The Black Digital Safe.


Step 5: Place The 6 Heart Keys in The Ammo Box B6 (12367).

Place two Black UV Flashlights in Ammo Box B6

Place the Black 10 Diget lock on Ammo Box B6.

Place Ammo Box B6 in the double door Cabinet in the Center.

(They have no yellow Stickers)

Close the cabinet.


Step 6: Put White Mushroom Magnet in Ammo Box V21 (65322).

Lock Ammo Box V21 with Black 5 Diget combination lock.

Leave Ammo Box in Small Wooden Table.


Place 7: Put Black lock with combination WRATH on Ammo Box W7 (WRATH)

Place Irish Spring Soap, the 4 Rat Traps, Red Brush in Ammo Box W7

Put Popper in Red Lipstick case. Place in Ammo Box W7

Lock Ammo Box W7

Place Ammo Box W7 in the double door cabinet on the left.


Step 8: Replace Sudoku Sheet (Vanilla Folder)


Step 9: Place Crown Keys in the Ammo Box Z67 (2-20-26) & (31-36-5)

Clip Large Red Electrician Lockout Clip on Ammo Box Z67

Lock Purple locks #1 & #2 on Electrician Lockout Clip

Place Ammo Box Z67 in the cabinet on the far Right.

Close the cabinet.


Step 10: Put Cypher rolled tightly in the Glass bottle shaped like a cat.

Put the Black Bottle Cap lock onto the glass bottle (716).


Step 11: Put Brass Cylinder on Large wooden box (CAUGHT)

Lock Wooden box with Blue and white barrel lock (LOOT)


Small Wooden Box is a Distraction. Put note “stop cheating” in small wooden box.

Ammo Box with red lock is a distraction. Lock combination is unknown.