Dark Terror

We temporarily have a Halloween-themed room that we call Dark Terror.  There is currently no cost to use the room.  There are no pictures of the room because it is too dark.

The room is almost pitch black.  Things shock the participants.  Things explode.  The room is uncomfortably stuffy.  Things are shot at participants.  Personally, I hate it, but if people want to be scared and suffer, so be it.  Here is the back story:

In 1926, a worker helping with construction on the Haberfelde Building fell from the roof all the way into the basement, a fall of more than eighty feet.  When other workers went to recover the body, they found a trail of blood leading into the underground tunnel system.  Three workers followed the trail two blocks to the building at 19th and Chester, now occupied by Merry Go Round Antique Mall.  No body was found, and only two of the three workers exited the tunnel.  Neither worker could recall the name of the third worker or the name of the worker who had apparently fallen to his death. No one was reported missing.

When the two workers checked their pockets that night, they each found a note written in Chinese: 如果您想活下去,请支付冤鬼.  Both workers vanished a few days later.

You have come to visit the scene of the tragedy.   The guide who brought you here translated the note found by the workers, “if you want to live, pay Yuan Gui.”  You notice a bag on the floor outside the door.  You examine it and notice that it contains eight Chinese coins, but you decide to leave it before entering the room.  As you enter, the lights go out.  You dare not try to open the door without first paying Yuan Gui, so you begin the search for eight coins.