Reset BA

Step 1 

Please proceed to room 361, where a black number lock is mounted on the wall. The code to unlock it is 4070. A note should also indicate that you should “walk back through the wooden doors….”


Step 2

To reach floor 2, please use the elevator at the end of the hallway. The code to the lock on the wall is 0969, and a note should indicate, “Open the next lock with the missing word…”


Step 3 

Please go to Room 349. Once there, you’ll notice a black lock with a code of 0153. Additionally, a note should read, “The first digit of the room…”


Step 4

Please head to room 311/ the magic shop. In the magic shop, you will see an ammo box. The code to unlock it is Ariel; inside the ammo box is a homeless bag that you must restock.